Cake Batter Crinkle Cookies

Hi guys! I want to try to do my best to post something everyday, but I was just so busy yesterday!  Tonight I cooked dinner and we ate … but I needed something sweet while I watched Christmas movies 😉 So I made do with what I had in the pantry! So, one cake box…

Chewy oatmeal cookies

Hi all. This morning I woke up with full intentions to get every thing done around the house today, as my mother in law is coming home this week for Christmas. Do the laundry.. fold the laundry..make everyone breakfast and lunch. Take care of the furry four legged outside and gather the chicken eggs. BUT– I…

Sweet Holiday Treat

Okay pals grab a glass of milk-
This actually turned out SO good! I hadn’t even had it out of the freezer for 5 minutes before the boys came in and nearly ate it all. It is very rich and VERY sweet, but the sea salt gives it the perfect balance between the two! It was so easy and very few ingredients. I think it took about 10 minutes, only because I was trying everything out as I went along of course 😉 We have our company Christmas party coming up, and this is the perfect treat to wrap up in colored cellophane to gift out to everyone! & more than likely that’s probably what I’m going to do because it came out so well, and.. well, it’s just SO DARN GOOD! I’ll leave you with a list of ingredients and instructions below. I hope yours turns out just as well!